My favorite place.

Every piece of a campaign platform should: 1) Be based on the wishes and best interests of the community; 2) Reflect current best practices of the relevant field; 3) Have a realistic chance of being implemented; 4) Be specific. Some of my goals that meet those requirements are here, and I will keep adding to them as I have the opportunity to hear from more members of the community.

  • Improve Police Equipment
    Highest concern for the lives of our police officers should be a matter of city policy. Therefore, we must ensure that we provide equipment of the necessary quality to protect them. Often, officers feel the need to buy their own equipment, because they do not trust the quality of the versions the city issues. We should also consider buying a TruNarc handheld narcotics analyzer, which enables testing of substances without touching or destroying the sample. This keeps officers safer from the concentrated opioids that can cause overdoses following contact with mere grains of substance.
  • Engagement with the Everett School District
    Currently, there is no structure for collaboration and information exchange between the City Council and the School Board. Mill Creek citizens have expressed strong concerns with school overcrowding, and quality of education is inextricable from quality of life. I will seek to build relationships with school board members, actively track developments, and help create efficient collaboration between the two bodies.
  • Parking at The Vintage
    There is a parking crisis at the Mill Creek Senior Center, and the city is a stakeholder in seeing it fixed. Parking may seem trivial to an able-bodied person, but it can be the difference between spending the day with friends, or spending it alone. Social isolation is one of the biggest risk factors for senior suicides. I will advocate for a study session with an overview of the accessibility issue, and ways Mill Creek can facilitate solutions.
  • Advocate to Legislators for Delivery Marijuana
    Also for the sake of seniors, and anyone with a mobility disability, we should advocate for the implementation of marijuana by delivery service, statewide. Those who most benefit from the medicinal properties of THC and CBD also have the most difficulty going out to a store. Mill Creek’s prohibition on physical “pot shops” is appropriate for our community, but with two negative effects: 1) Creates an additional obstacle for those already struggling; 2) We get no share of tax revenues. Washington needs a delivery system that will solve both of those problems.
  • Emergency Weather Preparedness
    If February’s record snows taught us anything, it’s that we need to take extreme weather preparation more seriously. Snow removal was drastically impeded by the age of our fleet, which led to two critical equipment failures. Both safety and financial responsibility dictate that we reassess every part of extreme weather response, to adjust to the unpredictable new normal. In particular, we must have a better long-term plan for fleet maintenance and replacement.