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“Everyone who gets to know you will want to vote for you.” –my mom

While mothers are known to be slightly biased, the foundation to earning someone’s vote is making sure they know who I am. That starts with name recognition, in the form of signs, t-shirts, and other promotional materials. The earlier I am able to deploy these, the better value they will be. The budget required to mount a vigorous contest is modest, but vital. Your donation will help ensure that voters know that they have the opportunity to vote for change in November.

Donations can be made with credit cards or PayPal through the Anedot platform:

Elect Carmen Fisher

Contributions can be one-time, or set up as weekly or monthly commitments. I’m making this request because I know the value of what I have to offer Mill Creek, I will be honored if you agree.

If name recognition is the foundation, personal connections are the house. I strongly believe that you can only be of service when you know what the other party wants, from their perspective. The more help I have, the more people I can reach, through home visits, attending events, phone calls and post cards. Would you be willing to host a tea where you introduce me to some of your friends? I’ll bring macarons from Frost!

Please send me an email at with the word Volunteer in the subject line, and let me know how I can help you help me.


P.S. How about that donation link one more time, for your convenience?