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Activities of the Mill Creek Police Foundation, an organization that provides support to the Mill Creek Police Department, the Citizen Patrol, officers and their families.

Peace Officers Memorial Day

Since 1962, May 15th has been federally proclaimed as Peace Officers Memorial Day, and the week it occurs in is Police Week. Mayor Pam Pruitt offered a proclamation of Police Week at the May 14th City Council Meeting. In future years, I will ask that we also lower the flag at City Hall to half-mast on the 15th.

I attended the Citizen’s Police Academy in 2018, and had the honor of meeting several members of the MCPD, as they came to teach us about various aspects of policing. Each one made me more and more proud to be a member of this community, and I would like to acknowledge them.

Det. Sgt. Stan White is the community coordinator, and was responsible for putting the program together, along with the PD’s hardest working volunteer, Sally Dagna. He is also responsible for recruiting volunteers to help with traffic at parades. Also, he’s a great person to talk to about challenges to the field of policing. I appreciate those efforts so much, and the opportunities they have made available.

Corporal Rory Mundwiler taught us a bit about the history of Mill Creek, gave an overview of the department, and, along with Det. Sgt. White, led tours of the station. This included showing us a patrol vehicle, and the equipment they carry. For Corporal Mundwiler, this includes a handful of toys for any kids who might find themselves on the periphery of police involvement. While he did not let us turn on the siren, he did promise me, on my ride along, that I could light any flares we might need.… Read More “Peace Officers Memorial Day”