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Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 10/8/2019

Lisa Steckler spoke during Audience Communication on behalf of Kiwanis, describing the Power of Produce booth they ran for children at this year’s Farmer’s Market. Each week explored a different topic, such as appreciation for farmers or the importance of bees. They also did face and body painting on the week’s theme. Steckler went on to describe how the experience had demonstrated the importance of having community spaces to come together, and her support for the continuation of the Farmer’s Market.

Three members of the state Auditor’s office came to describe the two-week site visit they will be doing to take a look at various aspects of the City’s business. Unfortunately, the table they spoke from was poorly mic’ed, the auditors spoke quietly and at a tremendous speed, and the paperwork that had been provided to the council members was not made available to the public. Here’s what I can tell you: We’re going to get the report on their findings at a later meeting, and I will check in to make sure that presentation is clear before that happens.

The first of three study sessions was titled Cable Franchise Transfer of Frontier Communications Corporation to Northwest Fiber, and presented by Scott Snyder, of Ogden Murphy Wallace P.L.L.C.. This is the kind of thing that really got me interested in local government, the nuts and bolts of how life happens around us. In this case, the background of how cable T.V. is delivered in the city. Having said that, there wasn’t a lot of meat to the decision.… Read More “Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 10/8/2019”

Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 10/1/2019

October’s first meeting was the shortest in quite some time!

John Raimer, a very active citizen and veteran, posed a question at Audience Communication: Why does the city manager of Mill Creek have no deputy, while all surrounding cities do? He has observed that Michael Ciaravino is always extremely busy, and could probably do with more help.

I think this is a good question, although I’m unconvinced a deputy is the best answer. It makes sense that Ciaravino is busy – he is still fairly new, we had functioned with a part-time manager for a long time, and we are missing a lot of department heads. However, I think it’s important to check to make sure that we have the staff we need to do great work, sustainably. Is downsizing by the previous manager working out?

One of our interim directors, Tara Dunford, gave a quarterly budget report. This practice had been discontinued, but seemed useful, and a desire to make them a regular practice was generally acknowledged. Overall, the budget is on track, with only limited deviations requiring action.

The biggest issue to be reconciled when the budge is amended is that the Legislative column covered a lot of expenses for Bob Stowe’s tenureship as interim city manager. Other expenses related to settling with the former city manager were not explicitly mentioned. The projected incomes for permits are low, but only because of how construction seasons work. Civil infraction income is a little low, and Dunford plans to look into it.… Read More “Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 10/1/2019”