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Mill Creek City Council Meeting 7/9/2019

The first major topic this meeting was that Mill Creek has had issues with two Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) that were installed in 2010 near Heatherwood Middle School and Mill Creek Elementary. Matthew Feeley presented on the problem and proposed solution on behalf of the city.

For once, the problem is pretty straight forward: the current RRFBs are solar powered, but don’t get enough sun in the fall and winter to operate effectively. This creates dangerous conditions for students, and many calls to the Police and Public Works Department.

In response, staff applied for, and has received, a Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Complete Streets Grant for $300,000. The grant does not require matching funds, and has a deadline for completion of work in 2022. The proposal will install RRFBs with hard-wired power, and also bring the curbs into ADA compliance.

For comparison, Feeley presented a few other projects that would also qualify for the funds, which could benefit if there is grant money left over from the primary project. The first would be to add bike lanes to Village Green Drive. This was shot down pretty definitively by Brian Holzclaw, a bicyclist himself, stating that dedicated lanes would not fix the primary danger, which is drivers pulling out of neighborhoods. Mention of doing some updating of pedestrian warning signs also did not gain much traction.

Mike Todd made a strong statement in favor of prioritizing safe routes to schools as part of a policy of being a safe, walkable community.… Read More “Mill Creek City Council Meeting 7/9/2019”

Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 7/2/2019

We started this meeting with what hopes to be good news for the City, regarding the proposed 135th street mid-block crossing. Council had previously expressed the concern that the county should be contributing to the project, as the apartment dwellers primarily affected are outside Mill Creek’s border. Tonight, City Manager Michael Ciaravino asked that the issue be delayed until a future meeting, to give time to continue promising conversations with Terry Ryan about burden sharing. Mayor Pruitt asked if anyone had objections, and hearing none, the matter was set aside for the night.

As promised last week, we returned to the issue of updating Mill Creek’s server infrastructure. While the Agenda Summary included a recommendation to approve contract spending, but Mayor Pruitt clarified with Ciaravino at the beginning of the conversation that no action was going to be taken at the time. The council was given the opportunity to choose from hearing just new information, or hearing the full presentation, as Pam Pruitt and Mike Todd had been at a conference during the previous meeting. The City Manager gently encouraged the full presentation, but the Council opted to just hear the updates.

Mill Creek currently operates two physical, and fourteen virtual servers. Forty-two percent of the City’s business is conducted on local networks, and the rest is spread among cloud-based software solutions. The two options under consideration are a hyper-converged infrastructure or the Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure.

A big update from last week was a correction to the estimates previously made by the Microsoft Azure representative.… Read More “Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 7/2/2019”