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Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 5/28/19

Old business this meeting brought back the potential settlement with Comcast, to recover fees that were not assessed in the past of $87,297.17, as well as the costs for the audit that discovered the issue, $5,310, for a total of $92,607.17. I previously wrote about this here. After a few comments, the Mayor asked if there was a motion, and everyone demurred. This tipped off a conversation about whether a motion was necessary, and the staff suggested that a motion to reject would be appropriate. Such a motion was made, and Council unanimously passed on collecting the $87, 297.17. The costs of the audit will still be pursued.

During the second Audience Communication opportunity, at the end of the meeting, I addressed concerns with three issues: this was the first. I found the lack of discussion to be jarring, as though I had missed something between one meeting and the other. If all, or even some, of the council members had taken a moment to explain their vote, it would have seemed more transparent. Particularly, in a case where the decision is contrary to the staff’s recommendation, it seems appropriate to state what policy is guiding the vote.

The first item of New Business, the second item of my concern, was the Snohomish County Housing Task-force. Dave Somers, Snohomish County Executive, reached out to all Snohomish city managers and mayors on May 1st, about the creation of a task-force modeled on the one formed to address the opioid crisis.… Read More “Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 5/28/19”

Peace Officers Memorial Day

Since 1962, May 15th has been federally proclaimed as Peace Officers Memorial Day, and the week it occurs in is Police Week. Mayor Pam Pruitt offered a proclamation of Police Week at the May 14th City Council Meeting. In future years, I will ask that we also lower the flag at City Hall to half-mast on the 15th.

I attended the Citizen’s Police Academy in 2018, and had the honor of meeting several members of the MCPD, as they came to teach us about various aspects of policing. Each one made me more and more proud to be a member of this community, and I would like to acknowledge them.

Det. Sgt. Stan White is the community coordinator, and was responsible for putting the program together, along with the PD’s hardest working volunteer, Sally Dagna. He is also responsible for recruiting volunteers to help with traffic at parades. Also, he’s a great person to talk to about challenges to the field of policing. I appreciate those efforts so much, and the opportunities they have made available.

Corporal Rory Mundwiler taught us a bit about the history of Mill Creek, gave an overview of the department, and, along with Det. Sgt. White, led tours of the station. This included showing us a patrol vehicle, and the equipment they carry. For Corporal Mundwiler, this includes a handful of toys for any kids who might find themselves on the periphery of police involvement. While he did not let us turn on the siren, he did promise me, on my ride along, that I could light any flares we might need.… Read More “Peace Officers Memorial Day”

Mill Creek City Council Meeting 5/14/19

The majority of the time at the May 14th City Council meeting was spent on two very complicated and difficult decisions: Creating a safer Mid-Block crossing and whether to accept a contract bid for making repairs to our surface water infrastructure. Both situations involve big money, and significant risk.

On SR 96/132nd Street, west of 35th, there is a point where there have been multiple incidents of cars striking people. The reason for this is a residential area on one side, and commercial on the other, where it would require several hundred yards of walking to reach an established crosswalk. Therefore, it has become common practice, one most people admit they would be prone to, to cross mid-block. Generally, one-lane is crossed at a time, with a stop at the median.

Unfortunately, we learned in Audience Communication that the median is far from safe. A young woman and her family came and shared their personal story of tragedy. The teen had been standing in the median when a truck came on to it, knocked her off, where she was then hit by another car. Her grandfather spoke, describing the problem with the lack of official crosswalk, and read his granddaughter’s account of her experience. The chamber fell absolutely silent as her mother spoke about the experience of learning that her child had been struck.

The family acknowledged how lucky they had been that she survived, and offered a plea on behalf of those who might not be, in the future.… Read More “Mill Creek City Council Meeting 5/14/19”