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Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 2/19/19

The majority of this meeting was occupied with a study session on the East Gateway Urban Village (EGUV) and the Farm at Mill Creek. A lot can be learned directly about the presentation by looking at the accompanying materials to the agenda, from pages 5 to 49.

Quoting from the city manager’s summary:

In March 2018, the City received a development application for The Farm at Mill Creek, which is located at 4008 132″“Street SE in the City’s East Gateway Urban Village (EGUV) zone. On April 13, 2018 the binding site plan application was deemed complete. One of the requirements of developing in the EGUV zone district is for the developer to enter into a Development Agreement (DA) with the City and have the DA approved by the City Council, per MCMC 17.19 and RCW 36.7OB.l70.

The purpose of this City Council study session is to provide background information on the following:

  1. The East Gateway Urban Village;
  2. Binding Site Plan Review Process and Proportional Impact Mitigation Assessment Process;
  3. The Farm at Mill Creek Review Status; and,
  4. Introduce the developer and allow him to share his vision of the project with the Council prior to the Council conducting a future study session to review the proposed DA.

To understand The Farm project, one must first understand the East Gateway Urban Village (EGUV) ordinances adopted in 2008. These ordinances created a district “intended to accommodate pedestrian-oriented mixed-use commercial, office, residential and public uses that conform to the design and layout of an approved detailed master development plan “ They incorporate by reference the Mill Creek Comprehensive Plan, which establishes policies for development beginning on page 51.… Read More “Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 2/19/19”

Mill Creek City Council Meeting, 2/5/19

The February 5th City Council meeting was devoted entirely to filling the vacancy created by Jared Mead’s election to the Washington State House of Representatives. John Steckler was unavoidably absent, and candidates were evaluated by Councilmembers Bond, Cavaleri, Pruit, Holtzclaw, and Todd.

You can read my letter of application here, and you can listen to the interview here, beginning at 58:28.

I was selected as a finalist along with Stephanie Vignel, who was then appointed in a 3-2 vote.